About Me

Sometimes I cringe when I display this blog´s URL:  meximamma.  After all, do the real Mexican mamas get offended that I´m stealing their title?

Hear me out--this blog documents my journey to be a Mexican mamma, in one sense or another.  While I may not be Mexican myself, I am a mamma to my three Mexican children.  This blog celebrates motherhood and Mexico--often within the same post.

For most Meximammas, being a mamma--Mexican-style--comes naturally.  That´s not the case with me.  After more than ten years, Mexico still sometimes throws me for a loop.  But that´s true for life in general.

My plan here is to reflect on situations and ideas that struck me or had relevance.  Perhaps those situations will speak to others.  Sometimes I´ll just pass on something I found funny.  Whatever the reason for reading, I´m glad you´re here!