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Vida Maz!

La Cocina de Leslie--Leslie shares fantastic recipes.  Through her I´ve learned how to cook Mexican (which really helps with our food budget).  Plus, her recipes are simply delicious.  And this links to her personal blog.

Surviving Mexico--Camille and her family homesteads in central Mexico.  I´m living vicariously through her and her hard-core rural adventures!

My Heart of Mexico--Fabi wanted to combat Mexico´s bad press in the media, and began writing about the 1001 reasons why she loves her country.

Mexican Wines and Wineries from Mexico--explores Mexican wines, vineyards and wine regions throughout Mexico.

The Deportee´s Wife--Giselle and her husband spent 10 years (or more) in Morelos after her husband was deported.  As they were trying to file his paperwork shortly after they were married, they detained him and deported him.  They´re finally back in California, and Giselle continues to draw attention to that which needs to be fixed in the US--primarily immigration, injustice wherever she finds it.

Border Free Adventures--Magaly documents her family´s life as worldschoolers.  I travel the world vicariously through them.  When they are home, she also shares the things she loves about Tijuana.

Los Gringos Locos--Tina and her family are missionaries in Michoacán.  They´ve recently arrived in Mexico and documenting Mexico through their eyes and adventures in homeschooling.

Adventure--Emily lives in Saltillo and shares reflections on life, spirituality, and the blessings and difficulties of her cross-cultural marriage.

La Muchacha Morena--Tracy is in Torreón and shares shapshots of her new life there.  She´s also open to sharing her experience as a black woman in Mexico--I had been waiting YEARS for her to come and share her story!  

Tamale Tales--Linda lives on the border and lends an understanding shoulder for those experiencing immigration woes.  She also has a solid faith life which she´s happy to share for those who also might need the solace that provides.

SaltilloExpats--a snapshot of Saltillo, Coahuila for those living there, or planning to move there.

Los O´Gradys in Mexico--Katie and her family packed up everything and moved to Mexico a few years ago.  They´re currently in Jalisco.

The Way--Jamie is also living "off the grid" and homesteading in rural Mexico.  She shares her life when she gets some internet access.

Good2Go2Mexico--Linda documents her house construction project and other tidbits of the life she and her husband have been living in Los Alamos, Sonora.

Mexican At Heart

Expats in Monterrey

Borders Aside

The Succulent Seer

The Real Housewife of Ciudad Juarez


(These last few haven´t written in months and months.  However, I´ve been following them for YEARS and couldn´t bring myself to take them off the list.  I still have hopes they´ll have time to write again someday!)

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