Mexico is a gorgeous country.  I can´t travel enough here.  There is so much to see, so much to do, and one region is nothing like the next, so it´s impossible to get bored while traveling here.

Wait--do people ever get bored traveling?

Yeah, I didn´t think so.

Having lived here for more than 10 years, and traveled pretty extensively, I´m trying to write down where I´ve been and what I´ve done in those places, just in case it helps out anyone else, seeking out a new destination in Mexico.  Sometimes I stick to the tried-and-true touristy things.  Other times, I´m so far off the beaten path (a huge thank you to my Mexican in-laws for taking me off that path), that it would be hard to explain to others how to follow those footsteps.

But I´ll try.

(Some of these links will link to  That´s my other project.)

Mexico City--Papalote Children´s Museum
                       Desierto de los Leones

                 Los Lirios (Arteaga county)

Nuevo León--Monterrey--exploring the city (with kids)
                                          Planetario Alfa
                                          Cola de Caballo

San Luis Potosí--SLP (the city)--take I
                                                     take II
                                                     Train Museum
                                                     Ode to Costanzo´s
                            Real de Catorce

Aguascalientes--Aguascalientes (city overview)


Querétaro--Winery Tour

Not in Mexico

Texas--San Antonio