martes, 7 de julio de 2009

Where We're At

Yes, the Little Girl and I have made it safe and sound to Indiana. Clara is a stellar traveler. No one heard a peep out of her over the course of 2 airplane rides (one of which was almost 3 hours long), and she made it three hours in the car until she finally decided that she had had enough (unfortunately, our ride home from O'Hare was four hours long). Note to other baby-parents: the plastic cups that they pass beverages out in the airplane are FASCINATING for five-month-olds (at least mine).

Furthermore, she's adjusted very well to sleeping in buddy Ethan's borrowed pack 'n play, and is almost on her normal sleep schedule. Unfortunately, I am now in class for four hours every morning and clearly this is throwing her off a bit. Try as I might, she's not at all weaned and refuses to take any kind of bottle (or eat the bananas that Grandma tries to feed her . . . sigh). I suppose if she decides that she's REALLY hungry, she'll remember how to drink from a bottle again or it will dawn on her that, "oh yeah--these are the same bananas I eat with Mommy! I guess I could eat them from Grandma, too".

But things are good. I should be heading back to the university, but Little Girl is not quite asleep yet, and I hate to leave my parents with a screaming infant. If you need to find me this week, I'll be buried under child development research. Yay for summer school!

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