martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009


My parents were here visiting these last two weeks, hence the lack of posts. Due to balancing Clara's nap and meal schedules, visiting our house can be a bit tedious (some may say boring). However, my parents were on cloud nine for most of the two weeks they were here. That's the beauty of being grandparents.

I'll do my best to get captions with the photos, but Blogger is often not very helpful, caption-wise.

As I already alluded, we spent most of the two weeks in the house, playing with Clara on the floor or the bed. My parents were bound and determined to teach Clara how to crawl while they were here. They failed miserably. However, my dad did play a game with her that got her to voluntarily roll over from her belly to her back, something she hadn't yet done. (Note: prior to this, she has only rolled over once in her life, from her back to her belly at the age of 7 months, just to prove she could. Until now, she's had no interest in repeating that feat.)

One Saturday Mario had to work, so Mom, Dad, Clara and I took a trolley tour around Saltillo. We learned a few new facts about the town (like who Francisco Coss was), found out where the spring of water that Saltillo is named for still bubbles out of the ground, and spied on the town from an impressive overlook that I didn't know existed.

We toured the downtown area again, including the Alameda, Serape Museum, and a cultural center focusing on the Day of the Dead. This past weekend, we spent a day in Parras, on a quest for the best beef in town. I couldn't go home without a trip to Casa Madero.

It's been a wonderful two weeks, and although we just put my parents on the airplane today, I can tell Clara already misses her grandparents. I do, too!

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