jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Are Taxes Killing You, Too?

Mario has been sick all week and has been eating his way through rolls of Halls like his life depends on it. He told me that he bought all the rolls that were in the vending machine at work and then sent me to the OXXO to buy two more rolls. He gave me full liberty to choose any flavor that sounded interesting, so what did I choose?

Yes! Beer and lime Halls!

If we find that the beer habit is just getting a bit too expensive after that massive tax increase at the beginning of the year (15%), Halls has offerered a solution: beer candy.

Awesome, right?

I hope so, for Mario's sake.

And for those of you in the US, moaning about paying your taxes and possibly facing additional taxes to pay for possible improvements in health care (I feel your pain), think of us here in Mexico. We were socked at the beginning of this year with news that taxes on just about everything would be raised, without the benefit of any new or improved services to look forward to (or the hope such services). We just get to watch Congresspeople drive away in their new, enormous, gas-guzzling SUVs or fly away in their helicopters (the new gas taxes apparently don't affect them).

Meanwhile, at 5 pesos a roll, I'll suck away on those Halls. Definetly cheaper than beer. And a whole lot less satisfying.

By the way, if any government officials are reading this, I am in no way criticizing the government, its elected officials, or its policies and would like to remain a law-abiding, tax-paying resident of this beautiful country.

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Megan dijo...

Wait--you didn't try one? I am awaiting your review.