jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

She's Getting Bigger and Better

In typical Clara fashion, last week she reached a major movement milestone (sitting up on her own) and then promptly forgot about it. Or just doesn't care. Except that she really likes to sit up, so I'm thinking that she just can't remember how it was that she got herself up to a sitting position last week. Two months from now, she'll no doubt remember, once again giving me hope that she just may become mobile.

Now that she's gotten really good at getting a loaded spoon to her mouth, I thought I'd see what she would do with a full banana.

It took awhile, but she figured it out!

This evening she also asked for a napkin so she could wipe her mouth off. What a little lady!

That, or she just really likes playing with napkins.

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Anónimo dijo...
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cjdavis3030@verizon.net dijo...

Dear Jill. What cute, cute pictures of Clara! SHe is such a wonderful little girl.
Your Mohter told me how to get on your blog and I enjoy reading it all!
Judy Davis

Judy Davis dijo...

Dear Jill. What cute, cute pictures of Clara! Your Mother told me how to get on your blog so I'm really enjoying your writings and photos. Take care.
Judy Davis

Jill dijo...

Thanks, Judy!
I get so excited when I find out that people read this. Thanks for letting me know!
I hope all's well with you and hope to see you when I'm in Indiana!