lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Go, Saraperos!

Mexico's national baseball championship is culminating this week (possibly tonight!) in the great city of Saltillo, as once again, Saltillo's Saraperos have proven to be one of the best two teams in the country.

Mexicans play baseball?

In Saltillo, yes they do. Baseball is bigger than soccer. (heaven forbid!) However, other Mexicans must play the game, as Saltillo's team is currently playing the team from Puebla and last year they trounced a team from Cancun. Yeah, did you catch that? My two favorite cities in Mexico are battling out baseball glories.

But, with a score of 20-1 in only the 5th inning, it seems that Saltillo has this game wrapped up.

And, beyond asking Mario various updates (as he also switches back and forth between this game and the Braves/Dodgers game), I'm not really paying that much attention. Baseball is not much fun to watch. Especially on TV.

But, while I'm finally on here, I'll throw in a small Clara update because the kid is finally WALKING! OK, she's really just cruising. She took two steps by herself in the pool on Saturday. Other than that, she insists on holding our hands or the furniture. We're doing our best to convince her that she really can walk while holding on to just one of our hands. Today, it seems that she's starting to buy that.

And Friday she finally realized that she can stand on her own without freaking out. Before that it was "OH NO! OH NO! I'M NOT HOLDING ONTO ANYTHING! I'M GOING TO FALL! GET ME NOOOOOOOWWWWW!" Now she's OK with being on her own as long as I do pick her up within 10 seconds. She'll get there. Slowly but surely seems to be her theme.

So that's the scoop with us.

Dude, seriously--won't they call the game at about the 7th inning if one team is 25 runs ahead of the other team, or is that just Little League? Because this is just sad.

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