jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Lili--Make Sure Your Parents Watch This!

Warning: This post is just a glorified email for my family (particularly my father-in-law). Videos don't email well.

Clara has been making the goofiest sounds and sentences for a week or two now. But last night she strung a bunch of new syllables together and came up with abuelo! (grandpa) And then she repeated it over and over.

Of course, as soon as I whipped out the camera, her version of abuelo became less and less identifiable. But at the end of the video, I think she says it well again.

Being super-excited, I wanted to pass that on right away. For most of the video, it is me talking, trying to get her to repeat me. But she DOES say it! Really, she does!

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Betty Douglas dijo...

That's really cute, Jill!! But I think she's still working on getting the whole word out! She sure is cute. Thanks for the video. Have a good trip.