viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Goodbye, Funk!

January is starting out slow here. Real slow. Partly because it's freezing cold, so I'm taking advantage of the fact that Clara's doing an awesome job of sleeping in (and I do the same myself). She's got the best heater in the house in her room. I simply can't stand the thought of getting out of my warm bed into the frozen uck of my house.

Let's not even THINK about showering. Uhhhh . . . I'm shivering at the mere thought.

So between my quest of trying to sleep as much as possible last week and the early part of this week and the clouds and fog that rolled in, I was in a bit of a funk.

Which I am happy to say that my dentist forced me out of.

When I got my filling fixed right before Christmas, she wanted me to come back the following week to check on it. That wasn't a possibility. So she made me promise to visit as soon as I got back. Between the weather-induced laziness and my natural laziness, I did not call her until Tuesday.

She scheduled me Wednesday. In the cold and fog. Oh, boy.

But that was what I needed to slap myself out of whatever funk I was in. Having been firmly entrenched in the lazy life, we had to take a taxi to the dentist, because I just didn't budget enough time for the bus. And really, it was worth it. Because I had a plan.

The nearest place to catch a bus (or another taxi, for that matter) from the dentist's house is at the mall, which is a 5-10 minute walk from her house. (As the visit was to take an entire 10 minutes, she advised that I just bring Clara with me. Which I did.) Cousin Paty was working the morning of the appointment, so we went to visit her after it was over. She invited us to a coffee and doughnut, which Clara scarfed down with glee.

Then on our way to the restrooms, Clara discovered the escalators. We just had to go up and down three times. On our way out of the mall, we passed by the pet store. I couldn't not take Clara to see the puppies.

Finally, we got out of the mall, so we could walk to my friend's house, who lives about a 20-minute walk away. She had had a baby the week before, so I was dying to see them. Except that silly funk got in my way. This made me unable to pick up the phone. Aargh.

So, thank you, dentist, for making me get off my ass and see some real people. I've never had a more productive dentist appointment.

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I Must Be Crazy To Live In Mexico dijo...

I froze 3 nights last week in Reynosa. Luckily I can run for the border every weekend and I am sitting in my warm, heated house as I type this. But I feel for you. Last winter I suffered from an extremely cold winter. I swear I could see my breath inside my own apartment.

Jill dijo...

Rita--last winter was SOOOO much worse! Sure am glad for you that you can escape to your house in Texas (and that we have the luxury of actually having space heaters). I was visiting a friend the other day, who doesn't have heaters, nor as many blankets as we do, and I just wonder how on earth they do it?!?

I guess we do what we have to.