sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Drought's End (I Hope)

Here in northern Mexico, things are pretty desert-like. Most of this part of the country IS officially a desert. Saltillo, however, is high enough in altitude (and must get a bit more annual rainfall in comparison to the surrounding areas) to officially qualify it as a temperate zone, located smack in the middle of a desert. However, that doesn't mean that we get much rain. At least in my opinion.

And this year, it's been a lot less than usual. I heard rumors that we were into the worst drought in 70 years.

The country in general seems to be suffering from a lack of rain. In the Mexico City region, the rainy season usually starts punctually at the end of May, rains every afternoon/evening, and peters out in September or October. However, it only just began raining there.

How ironic, considering the floods that have been washing out much of the US.

However, once I heard that Mario's mom and sister were going to visit us this week, I KNEW that the rain would finally come. In a given year, Mario's mom and sister tend to spend about 4 weeks with us, and at least two of those weeks are overcast and rainy. In general, Saltillo only has 3-4 overcast, rainy weeks a year. I don't know how they do it.

This time around is no different. So thanks for bringing the rain, Mago and Lili! I know it will make for a more boring week than you intended, but we sure need it.

In fact, if you could hang out until September, we'll have the greenest desert ever! (Granted, we'll all go stir-crazy, but wouldn't it be worth it?)

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Amanda dijo...

The rains are here and Im so happy about it except for the laundry issue. It rains so much and for at least the next few months that we are seriously thinking about a dryer this year.

Siobhan dijo...

My Mexican boyfriend said this to me yesterday, when I was complaining about a mosquito bite he said it will help because I am pregnant too, I never did it I just looked at him as though he was crazy.

Maybe he wasn't crazy.