miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

Role Reversal

I don't do this too often. But today I'm a worrier.

And all because I want to be protective of my parents. Like worrying is going to help.

My parents are flying in to visit us today. I'm pretty excited about this. However, this is the first time that they're arriving that we won't be able to pick them up at the airport. Mario will be right in the middle of his shift when they arrive, and I've offered to go on the bus to the airport to meet them. Much to my relief, they declined my offer. While Patty would be around tonight to watch Clara, that bus ride to the Monterrey airport is one of my least favorite things to do (especially with a small baby). Plus, that round trip would require a serious chunk of change. Had they wanted me to meet them, I'd have been there with bells on. But, I've got to say that I'm happy to have been spared the trip.

But this means that my parents will have to buy bus tickets and get themselves to Saltillo from Monterrey. Lots of people do this everyday. I imagine that everyday a number of people who speak no Spanish do this.

But they're not MY parents.

So I'll just sit here and worry about them until they show up. I know that they're both very capable people, both boasting more than sixty years of life experience. I know they're capable of getting on a bus.

And yet I worry.

I feel like our roles have been reversed a bit.


Note: My parents did arrive just fine. Whew.

Apparently the people who work at the information desk at the Monterrey airport are quite helpful. Good to know.

And, as my brother wisely told my parents before they left, "if you can't get out of the airport, maybe you shouldn't be traveling."

Too true.

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Stephanie G dijo...

Hey Jill,
I'm glad your parents arrived ok. if you ever need assistance like that again, just email me, I'm in Monterrey. Just an FYI. ;)

Megan dijo...

In these situations, even though I know rationally that whoever it is is an adult and can take care of themselves, I worry that if things do not go well, that person will never agree to do anything again. I always want everything to go perfectly.

I'm glad your parents made it okay! I'm sure they are super excited to meet their new grandson (and I hope you'll post more updates!).