martes, 17 de abril de 2012


Just learned my new favorite Spanglish word.

And this time I didn't make it up or learn it from another gringo--it's standard around here! I saw it on a billboard a few days after hearing it.

The other day, I walked past a table where someone was selling cupcakes. They asked me if I wanted a quequito. Of course, my English-driven brain heard "cake-ito".

But no, if you want a cupcake in northern Mexico, a quequito it is.

Yet another joy of living awfully close to the border!

2 comentarios :

Stephanie G dijo...

The first time, I heard my sister in law say quequito, I was like what the hell is that?
Little did I know, it was my favorite little cakes!!!

Jill dijo...

Exactly! Sometimes the Spanglish drives me crazy (have you listened to baseball commentary? It makes me want to plug my ears and scream). And then there are words like quequito, troque, lonche that just make me laugh.