martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Baby School?

Every now and then I think about going out and finding a job.  Or, as I have the luxury to wait a few years and ponder this question, what is it I REALLY want to do once the kids are in school?  Here in Mexico my options are pretty limited.  Teaching English is pretty much the only option.  I like kids, often the younger the better.  So as I continued down this train of thought I stumbled upon the idea of "English Daycare"!   Hmmm . . . this has possibilities. 

However, offering daycare services wouldn't bring in much money.  A lady down the street was advertising daycare for about $125 a week.  That's in pesos, people.  Maybe $10 bucks a week.  The daycare behind my house offers FREE daycare (they're co-sponsored by a church).  Obviously, because I'd be speaking to the kids in English, I could certainly charge more.  But would it really be enough money to be worth my time? 

Then I thought about play dates or English Gymboree or something like that.  Therefore, I wouldn't be tied to the long hours of daycare and could quite likely bring in about the same amount of money.  But who would really pay me to spend 3 or 4 hours a week with their kid so I could talk to them in English? 

It turns out, there is a market for this!  (And not just way out north where all the richies live.)

The man who owns my tortilla store stopped me the other day and asked me how young is too young to learn English.  "The earlier the better!" I replied.  It turns out that his daughter is 8 months old.  I"m interested, he's interested (and willing to pay me), so we'll work something out.

Or perhaps we'll simply exchange services, as I've been wondering how much Spanish Joey really understands.  Maybe in exchange for English "lessons" for tortilla store man's daughter, I'll send my son over to his house a few hours a week so they can fill his head with Spanish.

And if others are interested, perhaps we'll grow from there!

Oooo--the possibilities! 

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