viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

Parque Deportivo

Two years ago, dear friends of ours moved away from Saltillo.

Almost exactly two years later, they were able to come back for a visit!

We planned on meeting up at a park the other day.  My vote was all for the Gran Bosque Urbano.  They haven't ever been there, and I can't spend enough time there.  However, they have fond memories of the Parque Deportivo.  And, as their time in Saltillo is more limited, we met up at the Parque Deportivo.

I was so glad we did.

While Clara and I have been there before, it was when she was a baby and couldn't enjoy the park.  Furthermore, she was strapped to my back in a baby carrier, which made me hot and exhausted.

This time around we took full advantage of:

The giant slides!

More giant slides!


More play equipment!  Although it was the icky, run-down variety, there were a few useful, safe-looking pieces.

The lake!

With ducks, so Joey could use his amazing quacking skills!

We did not take advantage of:

The tennis courts

More tennis and squash courts.  They apparently offer tennis leagues and classes for all ages, every day of the week, morning and afternoon.  Information in the clubhouse.  (Not sure where that would be.)

Mechanical games!  They weren't running the day we went.  Whew!

We did see these little, four-wheeled "bikes".  I was fascinated.  After watching them throughout our picnic, I decided that we HAD to go on one.  As I loaded kids into our chosen vehicle and was about to wheel away, reality crashed down on me and the man who was renting the "bikes" demanded payment.  Of course.

Turns out they're $20 pesos for a 10 minute ride.  Not bad, but I normally wouldn't pay that much for a mere 10 minutes.  However, after being embarrassed by almost running off with one, I probably would have shelled out whatever he asked. And, it turns out that 10 minutes on the little track they have is more than enough time.  My 10-year-old co-pilot was pretty exhausted at the end of it!

So, thank you friends for re-introducing me to the Parque Deportivo!  We will be back.

The Parque Deportivo is just north of the Walmart on Reforma.  It's very, very close to the baseball stadium, and it hugs various buildings on the UA de C campus.  Coming from downtown, I took Coss east, to Nazario Ortiz Gonzalez.  Turn left on Nazario Ortiz Gonzalez, and almost immediately took a right on an unlabeled side street.  Parking on the street--so don't leave ANYTHING valuable in your car!

Or, the Ruta 6 (orange buses) go past the Walmart on Reforma.  Get off at Walmart, cross the new, big, red pedestrian bridge, walk north a block or two, and BAM!  There's the park!

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I'm the Mami dijo...

I LOVE those giant slides! Sooo fun looking!

Jill dijo...

They ARE super-fun! And I thought they'd be scary fast, but apparently one has to sit on a squashed pop bottle to really get going on most. So it's a comfortable ride for my little ones! And me. ;)