domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Train Museum in SLP

 The train museum in San Luis Potosí is located just across the street of the Alameda (on one of the long sides).  It´s very hard to miss, given the enormous black locomotive in front of the building.

There´s not much to the museum itself.  I can´t say I learned much about trains.  They had a charming little display about circuses and circus trains.

But it was well worth our while for the trains on display behind the museum.  Not only could we touch them, we could go IN them.  We could sit in the seats!  My son was able to push buttons!  And, let me tell you, if you´re toting a transportation-loving toddler all around a beautiful colonial city, San Luis Potosí´s Train Museum is a must-see.

The adults in the group might not get much out of the experience.
But it will be the highlight of any two-year-old´s year!

Conductor Joe.  

Grandpa and Joey in the little, orange train.

Hello, from the Revolutionary wagon!

Family with that big, ol´ engine at the museum´s entrance.

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Yvonne Kay dijo...

Looks like everyone had fun ~
Great Pix~

Joel dijo...

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