domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

Swan Lake on the Lake

 Last week´s newspaper mentioned that the State Ballet of Coahuila would present Swan Lake on the lake at the Alameda, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at 7pm.

Mario and I are suckers for ballet, so we were there with bells on.  While Clara has no interest in taking dance classes, she does like to watch the ballet.  We always told Clara that she had to be 4 to go to the ballet with us, but since this one was outside, it seemed safe to bring Joey along.

No worries--the kid was enthralled.

If you´re in Saltillo and missed this Swan Lake, I´ve heard rumors that a Russian company is coming next Monday, the 26th to the Soler Theater.  While the State Ballet did a great job, those Russians are just something else.  I´m curious to see what they´ll do with it!

But, like I said, the State Ballet did a lovely job and the setting at the Alameda made it unforgettable.

Thanks, State Ballet of Coahuila!  

2 comentarios :

Lisa dijo...

oh my gosh! I am so excited to see they do things like this there!

Jill dijo...

They do! And the city´s theater has a number or ballets, shows and concerts throughout the year--a shocking number of which are free and the majority of which has ridiculously cheap tickets.

They do try to bring in Russian ballerinas at least once a year--those can be pricey (at least for Saltillo) but worth it!

A friend of mine mentioned being frustrated by not knowing what´s in town, so I´m trying to start a website that lists what´s in the teater, sporting events, etc. I hope to have it up in the fall.