miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014


Last weekend, Patty expressed a desire to check out the ecotianguis.  I had been curious about it for awhile, as I haven´t visited it since it changed locations to the Biblioparque Norte.

So off we went.  The ecotianguis feels much more at home in their new space.  I´ll take pictures and post another week.  But, as we had never been to the Biblioparque Norte (I believe it just opened earlier this year), we wandered a bit.  They´ve got basketball courts, soccer fields with beautiful fake grass, tennis courts, and a baseball field.  Being that it´s the BIBLIOparque, they´re supposed to have a library.  Perhaps they do, but we went late enough on Saturday that the building was closed.  Looking through the windows, I spied shelves.  But they were empty.  Nice try, Biblioparque.

But really, I´ll get there during the week and get a better feel for the place.  They do offer yoga classes, tennis lessons, etc.  But what called our attention this last week was the miniature golf course.

I know I haven´t seen miniature golf in Saltillo--heck, in all of Mexico, now that I think of it.  But we now have a sweet, little course in Saltillo.  And it´s FREE.

So we had to play a round.

Saltillo has its ups and downs, but it sure puts some effort into its city parks.  Thanks, Biblioparque Norte!  I´ll be back!

The park must have once been a factory and this colossal tower must have been too big to remove.  Thank God Coahuila is not near ANY earthquake-prone areas!
The girl rocks out golf on the wii, so she was psyched to try it out in real life. 
Where is the Biblioparque Norte?

Just north of the intersection of Isidro Lopez Zertuche and Colosio.  (By the Quinta Real.)  Look for a large but simple blue and white structure (sculpture?) on the south-bound side of the road.  That´s the entrance.  Plenty of parking.

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