miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014

I Knew It Was a Great Idea!

Ten years ago, I worked at a children´s home.  A very large children´s home.  I helped take care of 25 first and second grade girls.  Now, for those of you who have also taken care of school-age children, lice is simply a fact of life.  Rather like chicken pox.

Except that we can get lice more than once.  That´s a real bummer.

Our girls were no exception to this fact of life.  And because they all lived together in close quarters (and we didn´t have great access to lice shampoo that year) everyone spent at least a couple of weeks out of the year with lice.

As I was the most mature and among the more patient of the women who took care of these girls, I was the designated lice-picker.

Surprisingly, though, the more I did it, the more I enjoyed it.  It was mindless work, but I could be seated fairly comfortably.  (Can´t say the same for my lice-infested counterpart, but . . . them´s the shakes.)  It was quiet work and no one was hanging on me or whining at me (unless it was the kid whose head I was picking at, but again . . . too bad for them!)   I actually looked forward to lice-picking hour.

And then it dawned on me--I could sell out my amazing nit-picking services!  If lice-infested kids aren´t allowed to go to school, how much time can working parents really take off to pick the lice out of their kids´ heads?  Would some even be willing to PAY me to do it?

Turns out, somebody beat me to that punch!

If you´ve got a lice-y kid in Saltillo, send them to Piki-Piki, downtown on Salazar, just south of the Alameda.

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Jill dijo...

Mom--I´m sure you don´t find it the least bit ironic that the lice-picking poster child has curly red hair. ;P

Crazy Rita dijo...

I have very long hair that I typically wear straight down. I work as a teacher in Iowa. Last year I itched my head once and thought to myself, "I hope I don't have lice." The next day I was correcting papers at my desk and itched the side of my head when a bug fell on the paper. For the first time in my life I had head lice. I have never shared a comb, hat, nor do I get real close and personal with my students. Even hugging is done without too much close personal contact. American schools are super conscious about "crossing the line" with too much contact with students. Immediately after school I raced to the drugstore. I spent several hours that night delousing myself and then did it again about a week later in case any eggs decided to hatch. I had nightmares for weeks after that and I still get flashbacks.

Jill dijo...

Rita--I feel your pain!

When I was in fifth grade I had lice and it took a MONTH to get rid of it. I had just gotten a perm and had really thick hair and for the life of her, my mom still can't figure out why she didn't just cut it. She's still traumatized by the experience.

Glad the shampoo worked well for you!