lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

Independence Day Changeroo

The kids´ school celebrated Independence Day on a Friday, with the kids all dressed up in costumes.  Joey was told to come as an Indian.  Having seen other kids, I knew that all we had to do was dress him in khaki pants, sandals, and cut a hole in a jerga (mop rag) to make him a cheap serape.  And lots of parents paint mustaches on their little boys´ faces.

That´s pretty much the whole reason I wanted to have a little boy--to paint a mustache on his face for Independence Day.

Joey liked the mustache, and he was surprisingly open to wearing his sandals.  But he hated the serape and refused to wear it.  I packed it along with him, and send him to school in his khakis, sandals, mustache and red "Made in Mexico" T-shirt.
Just imagine him with a mustache--that´s exactly how I sent him to school.

Imagine my surprise when I show up at the program for the parents and he´s dressed like this!

It turns out, he´s a good deal less adamant about having his own way when he´s at school.  Or Maestra Mary´s Indian costume was a good deal cooler than mine.  Either way, he wasn´t the only kid in his class wearing everyday clothes.    

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Yvonne Kay dijo...

omg.. he is so cute !!!

Nuria Moreno dijo...

Your blog is amazing! ... Is so nice to read about Saltillo from a different point of view

Jill dijo...

Thanks, ladies!

Nuria--thanks! I just love it here. Right now, I´m in the process of starting a website for the expat community in Saltillo. I´d love your input. After all, it´s one thing for me to spout off on what I know about Saltillo. It´s a whole other thing when a saltillense adds her opinion!