jueves, 19 de enero de 2017

Decisions, decisions . . .

I´ve got a number of ideas floating around my head.  However, I don´t have a ton of time.  And the idea that takes up the most space in my head would also take up . . . well, honestly more time than I have to give.

Or do I?

But beyond this BIG IDEA (in the likely event that I decide to postpone it or chuck it out the window), I´ve got a bazillion smaller projects that I´d like to try:

I´ve finally dominated this book.
It´s time to learn to use verbs!

Learn German--Mario had to learn German years ago, and really enjoyed it.  However, it´s been years since he´s used it.  No--I take that back.  He yells at the dog in German.  Since my kids have English and Spanish down, it´s time for them to take on another language.  And wouldn´t it be so simple to do if we could speak German at home?

That means that I need some German lessons.  And I´ve got a great contact for that.  Now I just need to get that ball rolling!

Take flute lessons--since joining the choir, it´s floored me how much I´ve missed making music.  Over the last year, I´ve been playing my flute more and more, and it´s increasingly clear that my flute abilities hit a plateau about twenty years ago and I´m not going to get any better without professional help.  It´s never too late to decide that I DO want to get better at it.

Oh, my--it really solidifies my commitment to put that statement out there like that.  Yikes!

Do a school survey for SaltilloExpats:  I´ve had this idea in my head for over a year.  In fact, I went to the American School to get information on it, with the intention of interviewing at least three other schools in town, so give potential relocators a better idea of their school options here in Saltillo.  But I never got past that first interview.  

So, this year, I´m going to visit more schools, and--more importantly--interview parents and students about their experiences in various schools around town.  In the end, I want this to be a huge project (and translated into Spanish for those moving here from other cities in Mexico), and eventually include every school in town.    

For years, I´ve been attending a Bible study at a nondenominational church (in English) across town.  It´s still the highlight of my week.  But, as I´m making more friends on my side of town, and those friends attend my neighborhood parish, I´d really like to start a mom´s group at my neighborhood church--either on weekday mornings or on Saturdays while the kids are in catechism.  I would love to get to know better the women who I see on a daily basis.  If we were to pray together, study the Bible together, that would be really meaningful, and I would really like to have more meaningful relationships with these women.  I´ll be running the idea past a few of them this month!  

With paying for German classes and flute lessons, it would behoove me to write a few articles or stories for magazines that might actually pay me.  In the past, I´ve sent out 2 or 3 articles to one magazine each.  I knew then I should have given it a better shot.  This year might be the year to do it!

Both of my older children will be in elementary school this fall, so I´ll have an additional two hours every day . . . oh, the possibilities are endless!  Or, they seem that way at this point.    

Oh, and gee--I could clean my house more, excercize, and make healthy meals.  

Nah . . . 

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3 comentarios :

Anónimo dijo...

Good list to start the year!

Lynne dijo...

Excellent and realistic goals...

Jill dijo...

Thanks, ladies!

You know how everyone (and usually myself) lists eating healthy and excersizing as a resolution? I purposely left it out of mine, but since I´m trying to get organized in order to hit these little goals, and meal planning and exercising are somehow happening, too!

Not holding my breath that that streak will last, though! ;)