lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

New Beginnings--or Final Sprint?

For April, the South of the Border Bloggers decided that their monthly blog hop would have the theme of "New Beginnings".

Really?  New Beginnings?  I´m just not feeling it.

Now, I love new beginnings as much as the next person.  But my personal calendar of new beginnings does not coincide with nature´s calendar.  (Although, as an aside, I am loving that I live just barely north of the Tropic of Cancer, so I do get to enjoy Spring bursting forth.)  Furthermore, as the heat cranks up this time of year, no one has the energy to start new goals and projects.  At least, I don´t.  

But, let´s not kid ourselves--I´m really just counting down the weeks until school gets out.  Twelve long weeks.  Let´s take a deep breath, and run with all our might though this home stretch!

Thinking about it, when do I celebrate fresh starts and new beginnings?

  • Summer vacation
  • the beginning of the school year
  • October (oddly enough--it gives me time to get used to the new school schedule and make my own plans!)
  • Advent
  • New Year´s
  • Lent  
But Spring?  For the reasons listed above, I´m just not feeling it.  

However, last week, I was shaken out of my complacency.  What happened last week?  Right, Easter!

I´m a big fan of Easter.  I always have been.  But fifteen years ago, my appreciation of Easter reached a new high when I discovered the Easter Vigil.  Why?  

The Easter Vigil--at any Roman Catholic church throughout the world--is always started with a bonfire.

Bonfires are one of my favorite things.  

Bonfire + Easter celebration?  I was sold.  

This bonfire is a New Fire--a symbolism of how we´re all reborn, how life starts again, and Christ´s resurrection makes a fresh start possible for each of us.  Then, throughout the service, Father Gustavo kept mentioning this new beginning, the freedom we have to start over.  The readings reiterated how God wants us to return to him and start over.  

All these fresh starts kept smacking me in the face.  

Renuevame Señor, con tu Espiritú
Renuevame Señor, con tu Espiritú
Renuevame Señor, con tu Espiritú
 Renuevame, renuevame, Señor. 
//Y dejame sentir
 el fuego de tu amor
aquí en mi corazón, Señor//

 Renew me, Lord with your Spirit
 Renew me, Lord with your Spirit
                           Renew me, Lord with your Spirit
                           Renew me, renew me, O Lord

                                 //And let me feel
                                 the fire of your love
                                 here in my heart, O Lord// 

OK, I guess I needed a new beginning more than I realized.  

I´ll work on enjoying this season and savoring every day--not just racing to the finish line that is this school year.  

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