martes, 3 de octubre de 2017

It's Time for New Experiment!

I've got a bombshell to drop.

This blog is moving. 

It may be a temporary move.  It may be permanent.  I'm giving myself a year to see if I like the new site better than this one. 


  •         This URL has always made me cringe.  After my first three options were already taken, I signed on as  It worked.  It summed up the point of the blog--my adventures in both Mexico and motherhood.  
  •        But Mexico doesn't throw me for much of a loop anymore. After 10 years here, it's just where I live.  I still love writing about it.  But the longer I live here, I'm not writing so much about my adventures as a foreigner living in Mexico . . . I have a feeling I'd feel more foreign if I were to pick up and move back to the US!  

I'm going to keep writing.  But I'll be writing at  

When you check it out, go ahead and sign up for an email subscription.  When I find new blogs that I want to follow, I'm finding I'm better at reading them more often if I get updates in my inbox.  So that's an option now here, too!  

Well, not here.  

See you there!

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