viernes, 15 de enero de 2010


Last Sunday, Mario and I are were walking around downtown when we were suddenly overwhelmed by a craving for corn on the cob. Fortunately for us, they're sold on just about every street corner downtown.

In Mexico, corn on the cob isn't sweet corn, like in the US, but shoepeg corn. After adjusting my taste buds, both types of corn have won me over. Also, instead of dousing the corn with butter and salt, here the corn is bathed in mayonnaise and powdered chile (or, in Mario's case, cream and powdered chile . . . weenie). Really, it's an excellent combination. And I'm not usually a big fan of chile.

Clearly, from the photo, Clara was pretty interested in the corn. Of course, she's interested in whatever it is we're eating or drinking--candy, mole, beer, milk. She gets all excited until I put the desired food in her own plate or cup. Somehow it looses its appeal in the transfer.

The same went for the corn. I fed her a few kernels, but she decided that after 3 she had enough. Good thing, too, as she doesn't digest it well.

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