sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

Happy Birthday, Expat Women!

ExpatWomen.com is celebrating their 3rd birthday! Yay, ExpatWomen.com!

This is a nice little website for me to stalk other expat women's blogs, which I do when I find myself with plenty of extra time on my hands. Actually, blog stalking is probably my new favorite hobby. I feel so sneaky.

But it is so entertaining.

Plus it helps me realize that I am far, far from alone in my whole gringa in Mexico experience.

ExpatWomen.com is a comprehensive, global website helping women living overseas. The site displays 1,000+ content pages, 1,000+ expat women blogs, 200+ readers' stories, invaluable country resource pages, interviews with successful expat women, loads of motivational articles and an inspirational blog and monthly newsletter.

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