lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Whee--Jilly Kart!

Clara and I are in Indiana for the rest of the month. We're both making discoveries that broaden our worlds (or something). On Saturday, Clara discovered my friend's cat. Dirks the Cat is now Clara's new favorite "person". Whenever he walked into the room, she giggled and giggled and squirmed around, trying to get closer to the cat. Fortunately, Dirks is very patient and still enough of a kitten to be pretty curious about Clara, too. Until now she's never found anything interesting enough to incite her to get off her butt. We may just have to get a cat ourselves. (nah)

As a completely unrelated observation, the Wii game system has hit Ft. Wayne with a vengenance, and it seems to me that everyone I know has one. At first, I wasn't real excited, because I've always hated video games and never expected that to change.

Then I played Mario Kart of the Wii.

Hoo, boy--do I like video games! On Saturday night, my friend and I were playing umpteen rounds of Mario Kart. As I was driving home on the highway, I passed over a large black spot of oil and thought to myself, "do I get a power boost for that?"

Yeah, I think I'd had enough Mario Kart for one day.

To be fair, it was midnight. But, for those of you who drive in Ft. Wayne this week and next, if you come across a red Saturn Vue in your daily commute, it may be prudent to keep your distance. I'm normally a good driver.

But it may be possible that I have again overdosed on Mario Kart.

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