lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Food Storage Wars

In my house, the way Mario and I store food (particularly leftovers) is a source of contention. In fact, it's the only topic we've ever really argued about. After two years of marriage, we have clearly made some compromises. While visiting my family last week, I was able to see how, slowly and insidiously, these changes are in conflict with the way I was raised.

In Indiana last week, I made enchiladas for my family and friends and was shredding the chicken off and on one afternoon. Whenever I had to put the chicken down for a few minutes, I just placed it on the counter. It was maybe 70 degrees, at most, that day. Whenever my mom would see the cooked chicken just sitting on the counter, she, like any good Midwesterner, immediately whisked the chicken in the refrigerator.

Now, is that chicken really going to go bad in an hour or two sitting on the counter on a cool day?

After living with my husband for a few years now, my experience tells me no. But any good Midwesterner does freak out a bit on this subject. After all, a few days earlier, my friend stopped over after going out to dinner. She brought her carry-out with her. After a few minutes of noticing that it was just sitting out on the counter, she asked if she could put it in the fridge.

Uh, sure. No problem. But your leftovers aren't going to go bad in an hour or two. I promise.

Yet, I do remember my first Christmas in Saltillo, when Mario's family descended on our house for a week and took over the kitchen. At eight months pregnant, I did not mind a bit. However, I couldn't stand to go into the kitchen and stand to see leftovers just sitting out on the stove, uncovered. Then, when Mario's aunt would think to put them away, she'd just thrust the entire pot of whatever it was into the fridge, as is, without a lid. This drove me crazy.

But now, I do it myself. All the time.

And, no doubt, this drives my family crazy.

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Leah Flinn dijo...

I have lost some of my vigilance with storing food in the fridge, but compared to my husband's family, I'm still more concerned about it. I live in a sweltering hot and humid part in Veracruz, and his family will let food sit out all day. I have gotten sick a handful of times, so there are limits to how much the food can handle. In a more mild climate I'm sure it's not as imperative to refrigerate the food, and even here most everything can handle sitting out an hour or so...but not mayo! Mayonnaise is something I have to be extremely careful with here, since many folks don't bother refrigerating it...always manages to make me very sick.

Judy Davis dijo...

Dear Jill, In the US we are told over & over (lately)to refrigerate food instead of letting it sit out.
But about 50 years ago Charlie's aunt would make a big meal and let it sit out until it was time to have something to eat for supper!
No one got sick but I don't think it had mayo in it. I still like the new idea of putting it in the ref ! Judy Davis

Jill dijo...

Thank you Leah!

Refrigerating/not refrigerating mayo is one of our biggest battles in my kitchen (but as I'm the only one who eats it, I always win).

For the record, does ketchup need to be refrigerated?

Amanda dijo...

I love this post because I have so much slacked on this stuff also. I notice it more and more. I think I started slacking after I realized I didn't get sick when I ate at his families house and I knew the food had been sitting out. As Leah said I think I am still more conservative than his family but for sure less than before I moved.
Mayo for sure goes in the fridge but I love the taste of the mayo at the Mariscos place and it has I think never been refrigerated. lol
Oh and ketchup does not need to be cold but tastes so much better that way. ;)