jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

Where's Your Please?

I had always thought that infant sign language was a bit goofy.

Then I had a daughter that thought it was cool to bang her hand on the tray of her highchair to demand more of anything.

Maybe baby sign language isn't that goofy after all.

However, the week I began to teach her how to say please (touching your hand to your chin, and then lowering that hand slightly) must have also been the week that I tried to get her to show me where her nose is. Therefore, Clara says please like this:

OK, so nobody besides Mario or myself will know what she's indicating. However, she is consistent, so it's clearly cemented into her head as the way to ask nicely for something.

And mercifully, it's cut down on the table-smacking.

3 comentarios :

Vadose dijo...

Cute! How old is she? She's adorable.

I've been teaching my son a few signs, too. "More" is the most important one, and he uses it daily to ask for more food. And yes, it is totally better than what he used to do, which was growl loudly. :D

Megan dijo...

I don't have kids yet, so most of my thoughts are pretty theoretical, but I always thought baby sign language was a great idea. Kids know what they want way before they have the cognitive ability to ask for it (hence the banging and tantrums). So I hope to teach my future child some signs for basic things.

Slightly related tangent--How vocal is Clara at this point? Has she said mama or papa?

Amanda dijo...

So cute. I love love love the baby signing. Its so important and you should know my 3 year old is a better communicator than most kids her age and I think its because she learned how to communicate at such a young age. The one year old knows all kinds of stuff and like you said with yours they don't look exactly like the book but what matters is that they can talk to those who are closest to them. And when your with family be sure to tell them that's what shes saying. I doubt they have any idea what the true sign is anyway. Issacs family gets the biggest kick out of the fact that Joslin can tell them when shes hungry thirsty or sleepy. Its never to late keep teaching her new words as she gets use to each one add a new one. As she gets bigger start to expect her to make a noise with the sign so she realizes it is important to voice things also. Sorry this is getting kinda long but I love this subject.