jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Stop Seducing Me!

Oh, USA . . . after hanging out with you for almost three weeks, I must admit, I am a little smitten.

You started in with the walking trails in my parents' new neighborhood, meandering through woods and backyards and finally winding up to the YMCA (which boasts daycare . . . ooo--you want me bad, don't you?). Sidewalks that were wide enough for 2-3 people walking shoulder-to-shoulder and NO 6-inch cracks to navigate the stroller over? No traffic? Wonderful.

Then we discovered the toddler-friendly playgrounds--not just one, but two in town (and that was without even seeking them out). Stairs wide enough for the kid to crawl up . . . toddler swings that she won't fall out of if she lets go to point at a dog . . . slides that don't pitch her headlong into the pavement . . . nice.

And the library--oh, the library! Just the thought of those thousands upon thousands of FREE books, mine for the asking, is making me weak in the knees. For a parting shot the day we left, we returned our books just as story hour was beginning. I could be friends with those ladies. Clara could be friends with their kids. How I would have loved to go to lunch and the park with them afterwards, as some were suggesting.

Yep, you pulled out all the stops. Don't think I didn't notice.

Fortunately for me, a few days before I left the US, a friend of mine posted these photos on facebook (my apologies that I can't pull them up here for all to see). Thank you, Missy! Those snapped me out of it. Parts of me may want you, US, but for now, the rest of me is in Mexico. And I really am rather happy about it.

So, USA--despite all your charms, I left you again. We had a good time, but for now, that's all it can be.

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