miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

My Latest Trip to Visit the Vampire

I had been waiting to make my next doctor's appointment, as he doesn't want to see me without the results of my latest bloodwork. Ugh. I hate, hate, hate having blood drawn. I set myself a date that I'd do it as soon after our weekend in Morelos as possible. And that meant yesterday.


I almost put it off again today, as it dawned on me at 8am that I need to fast before getting my blood drawn. Fortunately, I hadn't had breakfast yet. There was still time to go.

Unfortunately (apart from today, I will NEVER, EVER say this is an unfortunate event), Clara has been sleeping in until about 10. Actually, who knows how long she'd sleep if I let her, as I decided that 10am is late enough and I woke her up the last two days.

Seriously, who has to wake up their toddler? (Again, I am NOT complaining!) ;)

I could have slipped out of the house at 8, got the bloodwork done, and been back home before Clara even woke up, as Patty has her day off today. However, I had not advised Patty about this plan, so running off and leaving her Clara without her knowledge didn't seem exactly fair, especially if Clara wouldn't actually sleep the morning away.

I stayed hungry, woke Clara up at 10, got her dressed, out the door, and into the first taxi I could find. Normally I would walk, but given how hungry as I was, I wasn't sure we'd actually make it to the clinic. The lab is right in the building where my doctor has his office. No appointment is required. Walk in, offer the arm, pee in the cup, fork over 200 pesos, and I'll have my results at 4pm.

Yes, this afternoon. I love how straightforward and easy medical experiences have been in this country so far. (Except for the fact that IMSS doesn't think we're registered and I therefore can't get a tetanus shot . . . but at this point I don't think I should get one until August anyway.)

I could go pick up the results this afternoon, but she also suggested that she could send them straight to the doctor. I thought that was a more sensible option, although I realize that I will have to prod the doctor with questions for him to tell me the few things that I understand from the results . . . sometimes there are perks to picking them up myself. But I'm really in no hurry to go back out there today.

Besides, if the doctor has the results this evening, I can schedule an appointment with him for tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow. Not a month from next Thursday.

Did I mention how much I love how easy this is here? None of this "we'll-send-you-the-bill" crap, appointment on demand (usually), pay in cash, ask for a receipt to deduct it from our taxes and BAM that's it!

We could have ultrasound #2 by the end of the week! Oh, boy! (Is that a hint? We don't know yet!)

Ooo--the lab technician remembered me from two years ago--yikes! Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but she didn't seem upset to see me again. Whew.

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Anónimo dijo...

We don't understand expats in Mexico frothing about the wonderful health care. Your "doctor" couldn't qualify for a PA license in the states. Pharmacies in Mexico now station a credentialed "MD" at a welk-up to prescribe medication. Doesn't take much thought to figure out how that's profitable for the pharmacy...If all you want is blood and pee analysis that's available like one hour photo processing most anywhere in the world. Thank your stars you have the where withall and proximity to properly trained and equiped diagnosticians in the first world should God forbid you become seriously ill. In Mexico you'll probably be too far gone before you find answers!

Leah Flinn dijo...

What is nice about Mexico is the ease of the provider/patient relationship. It's a simple pay for service system that saves both sides a lot hassle without 3rd party intervention. I like that part about the Mexican system. I also like the ease of walking in to labs, and handling my own results.

There are things that are more difficult to maneuver once a health situation becomes complicated, but I'll save that for my own post. ;-)

Glad you are getting taken care of amiga!

Anónimo dijo...


I hope it all turns out well :) Congrats on your pregnancy, by the way. Are you hoping for a boy?


I have the best doctors in Mexico that I've ever had in my life. Our pediatrician worked in Chicago and is the most caring and smart doctor(Dr. Jose Luis de la Concha). Doctors here take their time to listen to you and it doesn't matter if it takes an hour to examine and discuss things...they will take the time. They will give you their cell number in case of an emergency. They are accessible and kind, in my experience.

My mother-in-law, thankfully has access to public health care. She has gotten the best treatment possible and without it we would be out of money by now since she has many health problems including COPD, liver damage and CREST syndrome (among other problesm).

In the U.S. lots of people are denied health care by their own insurance providers due to whatever reason the provider comes up with so as not to pay. In the social security system here that doesn't happen. If you have a serious illness you have top priority in the system and you are taken care of immediately.

And, by the way, I have been to the walk up clinics. They do a thorough check and don't always prescribe meds. They've even given me a doctor's note for my kids to take swim classes, free of charge. They basically gave them a free physical.

I am not saying the system here is perfect but the U.S. is FAR from perfect as well. I know many people who have benefitted from health care in Mexico and I include myself.



Anónimo dijo...

We might be wrong, (we doubt it..hehe) but we think most medical doctors who can get a license and succeed in the US opt to practice here. We can't find any confiable checks in place in Mexico to restrict or qualify any claim any practitioner my choose to make. There are two physicians on the staff of the reputed ABC in DF who claim fellowships in Chicago and Houston that are absolutely false. Furthermore it is a fact that no one is turned away from US hospitals because of an inability to pay, and for this reason health care is expensive here. If your personal physician doesn't answer his cell here, you most certainly have access to his answering service. If you don't like a quack here you can get a second opinion, you are not required to accept some vague nonsense from the doctor assigned by the ISSTE or IMSS. Bottom line, a Mexican doctor has no more oversight than the thousands of "licenciados" of every description and are therefore in abundance...no wonder there is no limit to the time they can spend with a paying "customer"

Anónimo dijo...

Hello Jill,

Its a relieve to find out that i am not the only one that's is going thru separation because of deportation. I would like to know how you are doing this because i will soon be on my way to MX.

Jill dijo...

Anonimo--it's great if you want to make comments, but please sign your name after your comment and they'll be less likely to be erased. Furthermore, I'll be more likely to make a polite response.

A number of my fellow bloggers have had some irritating and rude anonymous commentators (commentors? Why do those words sound weird?) on their blogs and have had to screen comments. I'd rather not do that, and at this point there seems to be no real need.

However, this blog was designed to simply fill my family and friends in on what I'm up to. I never planned on fielding comments that make my blood boil (which then makes me incapable of posting a polite response). You're entitled to your opinion. I'm entitled to mine.

But I'll take your opinion more seriously if you attach a name to your comments, as a number of other friends without blogger accounts often do.

Thank you!

Jill dijo...

Leah and Karen--

Thanks so much for explaining better the situation of health care here, and why I do actually often prefer it!

I haven't been online for a few days, so couldn't respond and I tend to respond to antagonistic comments with snappy responses which I later regret.

Thanks so much for getting my back! It is soooo nice to know you guys (and so many others out there) understand what's going on here.