martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Where did THAT come from?

During our day of wandering Cholula and reminiscing, we (or maybe I) kept pretending that we were thinking seriously about moving back there.  Truth be told, if Volkswagen were to call Mario and offer him even a moderately interesting job, I'm quite sure he'd jump at the opportunity.  After working elsewhere, we're realizing that VW was a marvelous company to work for. 

Anyway, while I was doing all my pretending about moving back, I was mid-thought, thinking how nice it would be to be near the zocalo, as they now have a (very) small playground when a voice in my head interrupted me out of nowhere, saying, "but Cholula is so far from Texas." 

Where did THAT come from? 

For almost as long as I can remember, or was aware of the Great State of Texas, I have nursed a huge grudge against the entire state.  Why?  That's a little vague.  Maybe because it's so stinkin' big.  And Texans are famous for being very proud of their very big state.  I think in my mind I equated Texan pride with arrogance (despite not knowing any Texans) and I just wanted to avoid the entire state like the plague. 

Then I moved to Coahuila, which shares a pretty extensive border with Texas.  In fact, once upon a time (during the colonial era, I believe) Texas and Coahuila were one enormous state called, rather uncreatively, Texas-Coahuila.  And slowly but surely, Texas grew on me.  Like the suave southerner it is, it wooed me oh-so-gently.  Now, after just three years in close proximity, I can honestly say that I like Texas. 

I never thought those words would pass my lips. 

But do I like it so much that the thought of being 10 hours away from the border would give me pause to consider moving back to central Mexico?  Apparently so. 

Who'd have thought? 

3 comentarios :

BoyMom dijo...

It pulls you in, doesn't it. I promise it's not arrogance. There's just a lot here to love :) We also shudder at the thought of living 10 hours away. Crazy Hoosiers ;)

Crazy Rita dijo...

I preferred being close to Texas just for the shopping. Some things are cheaper on other side of the border.

Jill dijo...

Amen to that, Rita!

And Tiffany, your enthusiasm for Dallas has played a part in my conversion. ;) Thanks for that!