viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Got Your List?

Greenga Girl got me thinking the other day with her list of cravings from the US.  As I'm planning a trip to the US soon, I've been writing lists in my head about things we need to do, people to see, food to eat, and things to bring back.  And this made me think about how these lists of mine have changed over the years.

The "People to See" category has remained fairly constant and still remains a mad dash of trying to cram as many visits to my favorite people as possible in whatever time frame I have to work with.

The "Things to Do" list has always included a visit to the Indiana Dunes, but now that I'm toting kiddos with me everywhere, this list has changed significantly.  It now contains many more playground and zoo visits than it did in the pre-Clara era.   Fortunately, the Dunes are still a necessity.

This year, "Things to Eat" is pretty vague.  However, as I'll be at my mom's house for my birthday, a Kahula cake is my one very well-formed craving.  Ooo--and any beer that isn't Corona, Victoria, Modelo, Sol, Indio, XX, etc.  Mmm . . . seasonal beers . . . microbrews . . . I'm ready to hop in the car now.  

"Things to Bring Back" is in a constant state of evolution. On this year's list:
  • footed pajamas for the kids. I know they sell them here, but the jammies from the US feel softer. 
  • Books, books, books.  Particularly children's books.  Ironically, I have a much easier time finding quality children's books in Spanish in the US than in Mexico.  (They don't have Ghandi or the Sotano here in Saltillo.)  It's no understatement to say that Mexico really needs to work on fostering a culture of reading--which is unlikely to happen during Pena Nieto's government.  *snicker*
  • hummus mix.  The Three Rivers Co-Op in Ft. Wayne sells a dried mix.  When I add warm water and olive oil--presto!--I've got hummus.  While it's slightly less tasty, it's waaaaay cheaper than what I can find at the grocery store, so I'll keep supporting my favorite co-op. 
  • Rechargable batteries.  They're just way cheaper.  
  • A pair of jeans.  I was desperate for a new pair of jeans a few months ago, so we went to Parras, where they're famous for making jeans.  (Parras is home to the Dickies factory, too!)  They have men's jeans aplenty, but I was sorely disappointed at the women's selection.  The one pair that I found that fit decently was made of really thin material and, after I got home, I realized that it didn't have front pockets!  They were just sewn to look like pockets, but there's nothing there!  Grrr . . .
Man, I'm struggling to come up with more.  Either I'm really settling into life here, or Texas is just within too easy access.  Or a combination of the two.  

That which used to be on my lists?
  • Peanut butter.  Really, this is often still on my lists, but I'm still well stocked from last year.  They do sell it here, but in minuscule quantities at twice the price.  So yes, I import peanut butter.  
  • Cheddar cheese.  I really don't miss it any more.  (But I'm sure I'll eat plenty when I'm there.)
  • Cherries.  Unfortunately, I"m not going during cherry season.  Next year, perhaps?
  • Shoes.  I have now found a shoe store that I really enjoy in Saltillo.  If I were in need of good tennis shoes, I'd still wait to get them in the US (combination of cheaper and better quality).  Other than that, I'm having fun with my odd, made-in-Mexico finds. 
OK, looking over this list, I see that it really hasn't changed much.  However, my former intense attachment to these objects/experiences has.  Particularly with the peanut butter.  I used to ration my peanut butter.  Sometimes I'd gift it to friends.  Fortunately, they understood how very, very dear this peanut butter was to me.  (It was to them, too.)  We used to spread it on Maria, dip Oreos in it . . . man, I guess I'm growing up!  My friends here in Saltillo often ask me before they make a trip to the border if I need any more peanut butter.  But now that I'm no longer pregnant, it's just not quite so necessary as it used to be.  I guess I was a little desperate last year.

Then again, maybe I should double-check my peanut butter stock.  I may be halfway through my last jar.


What's on Mario's list?
  • Mt. Dew.  Yesterday, he opened his last 2-liter of Mt. Dew and I heard him say, "oops!  Last Mt. Dew--I guess we'll have to go to Laredo soon!"  Really?  For Mt. Dew?  Goofy man. 
  • Cargo pants.  He wears them to work and work tends to tear them to pieces.  And he can't find any in this country. Again, thank goodness Texas is close. 
  • Beer.  Unfortunately, Laredo has really disappointed us in their beer selection.  Sam Adams is about as interesting as Laredoeans want in their beer, apparently.

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Anónimo dijo...

How did he like the bourbon barrel beer? We'll have to have a "sampler" supply around when you all come!!

Jill dijo...

He did like it. By all means, have a good supply on tap (and I'll drink it up before he gets there!)