domingo, 1 de julio de 2012


Hearing the noise on the roof, I paused for a moment and asked myself, "What is that noise?" 

Yeah, baby--it's RAIN! 

While it rained with surprising frequency all winter and spring, lately it's been clear that we're still deep into the worst drought in 70 years.  We held our breath when we heard that there was a storm going through the Gulf--would it come here?

After a few days (and just a little spitting yesterday), I gave up hoping we'd see rain and just hoped that somewhere else, also desperately in need of rain, would get it.

But it looks like we're getting lucky today.

And I'm taking it as a good omen.  (Which, I realize, is probably grasping at straws.)  Today is Election Day in Mexico. They're electing a new president.  Like most elections anywhere, this one is a matter of choosing between the lesser of four evils (Four candidates.)  And let me tell you, I'm glad I can't vote here, because after months of campaigning and listening to three debates, I still have no idea who the lesser of these evils would be.  They're all scary in their own way.

But I'll take this rain as a sign that the "best" candidate will win.

Or maybe I'm just happy we have rain.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.   

2 comentarios :

I'm the Mami dijo...

Ay rain. Wish I could send you some of ours, we get PLENTY. ;)

Jill dijo...

We'd love it!

Hehe--your comment reminds me of one of AMLO's campaign promises during one of the debates: "When I'm President, I'll take all the flood water from the southeast and sent it to the regions affected by the drought in the north." Hmm . . . how?

Almost relieved he didn't get elected. Except that I think I'm more nervous about he who did get elected. So it goes . . .