domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

I Think I'm Turning Mexican . . .

I'm closing in on 10 years of living in this country and these ingredients have finally entered my kitchen and I--not my husband--are devouring them with gusto!

This amazing salsa comes to us from Carnes el Mirador (a variety of locations in Saltillo, we use the one on Antonio Cardenas, just south of the periferico, to the side of Soriana Lourdes--they have gloriously fat New York strip steaks and some tasty cheddar cheese, in addition to this salsa.  But I go for the salsa).  Anyway, this stuff is crazy spicy and I just keep filling tostada after tostada with the stuff.  Mario and I both sit there eating it, breathing fire from our mouths and then diving in for more.  Our stomachs hurt afterwards and our poop burns, but it is so very worthwhile.  And yes, we can go through a whole liter of this salsa in a weekend.  I wish we had some on hand now.

Squeeze bottle filled with chipotles--where have you been all my life?  Back in the day (like a few months ago), if I wanted chipotles, I'd have to open a can, chop up the chile and then toss it on whatever I wanted to spice up.  I'm a little on the lazy side, so I did not often answer my chipotle cravings.  Now, I just pop open the bottle and squeeze some on my eggs and sandwiches.  Life just got so much tastier!  

OK, so I lied a little above.  Mario does help me eat the salsa and chipotles.  But, in my defense, I do think it's safe to say that I eat a good deal more than him. 

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I'm the Mami dijo...

That squeeze bottle looks AWESOME. Perfect for making chipotle mayo, chipotle dressings, sour cream mixes well with chipotle.... The list goes on. Topping tortas, yah know. Yum!