domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Making the Cutoff

Since Joey's birthday is at the very end of July, I've often wondered--will he make the cutoff for school?  (Or, in my head, be forced to start school a year earlier than I'd prefer?)  Given traditional school cutoff dates, it's pretty much guaranteed he'll either be the youngest or oldest kid in his class.  I've known kids on both sides of the spectrum and they've all turned out well.  I know it's not a big, hairy deal. 

But I really, really wanted him to be older, instead of younger. 

So while we were signing Clara up for school, I asked the principal, out of curiosity, where Joey falls on the cutoff date spectrum.  Her answer rocked my socks. 

Apparently TONS of people were changing their children's birth certificates in order to get them into school early (or late, as my case might be).  So the SEP did away with the cutoff date and said, "if you were born in 2009, you're in the first year of preschool this year.  Born in 2008, Kinder II."  Bam.  So simple. 

So Clara--not Joe--will be one of the oldest kids in her class.  Joe will be smack in the middle. 

Gotta say, I never expected that. 

Way to make things simple, SEP!

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