miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

It´s the Little Things

Today is that point of the week where I´m starting to feel a little overwhelmed. 

But then I take a look at that grocery list. 

That is the awesomest grocery list.


2 comentarios :

I'm the Mami dijo...

"Dead bread" bwahaha.

I refuse to say certain things in English, as they have no meaning in our culture and sound super funny. Like "dead bread" . Also, I have been having problems recently with unintended Spanglish. The other day was telling my husband about the ofrenda I was planning on making, and I started off the sentence with "so for Dia de la Dead , I was planning"....

Love your list. And the leftover sidenotel so random! LOL. Happy Halloween and "Dia de la Dead" ;)

Jill dijo...

I used to say that all the time, thinking I was sooo clever. Then my husband and I were watching Chicas VIP (making fun of super-fresas) and THEY called pan de muerto ¨dead bread¨, so I´ve been trying so hard to NOT call it that anymore.

But that was a few years ago, so I´m clearly not very successful! :P Way to catch me!

Breaking the spanglish habit is so hard! I´m convinced that it´s an essential step to becoming bilingual. But have I moved on and really become bilingual? Yikes!

But, like in AA, just admiting that we have a problem is the first step, right? I wish you the best of luck on your journey, too! ;)