miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

UN Day and Cascarones

Last week was another dress up day, but only for one of the 3-year-old classes.  Nuts.  I´m starting to consider sending Joey next year.  

They celebrated the United Nations, and those that dressed up, all represented different countries from all over the world.  My friend´s son, below, did a very handsome job of representing Germany!  (And flag-fighting with the Uruguayan and Panamanian boys.) 

 There was cuteness overload. It was fantastic.  However,  as it wasn´t my kids being cute and wearing costumes, I didn´t feel at liberty to take too many pictures of strange children.  Particularly with the purposes of posting said pictures on the internet. 
 After the UN honors, the PTA sponsored a kermess--lunch at a variety of booths selling snacky, lunch things (corn on a cob, burritos, chicharones, cake, tostadas, etc.)  And they sold the cascarones.  One of Clara´s first homework assignments.  They were intended for the kermess to celebrate Independence Day.  It rained on the 17th.  So the cascarones were packed away until . . . last week! 

What is a cascaron?  Egg shells.  Stuffed with confetti.  Or flour (but that just seems mean).   
 Lucky for you all, I documented the process of making one.  Or five. 


What does one do with a cascaron?  Unsurprisingly, you smash them on top of you friends´ heads.  However, as my very careful children spent quite some time observing, the preferred method of breaking cascarones among the preschool set it to launch them in the air and then gleefully enjoy the crash as they smash on the concrete.  Joey was OK with that.  He even made it one step simpler by smashing his cascaron on the concrete.  (And the living room floor as soon as we got home, as one of the teachers took pity on him as he was sad to leave the school and gave him ANOTHER cascaron.  Awesome.)   

Playing with the confetti is also super-fun. 

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Lisa dijo...

Just stumbled upon your blog today as I do a little research for our pending move to saltillo! Looks like great info! I really appreciate it!

Jill dijo...

Lisa, I´m so glad you found me! ;) If you´ve got any specific questions (or not-so-specific questions), I´d be happy to field them! My email is jilldouglas01@hotmail.com.

I hope to meet you when you get here!