martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

Don´t Come Visit Us This Week

As much as I would love to have visitors, it´s just not going to work this week.

I´m not even sure that Mario will be able to get home tonight.

Or, better put, Mario will get home.  But I´m not sure where the car will be, as this is the view from our driveway.  

That trench right in front of our driveway?  Yeah, that´s at least four feet deep.  And it´s currently raining, so I´m doubtful that the construction workers will be able to lay the pipes today.  

On watching their progress up our street, they seem to do a very good job about starting work (aka:  ripping up the street) after most people are at work.  And, impressively, they finish or at least make the road passable, by 7pm when most people are coming back from work.   
 But, with the rain tonight, I´m not sure how they´re going to do that. 
But, on the bright side, the kids are REALLY entertained by watching the progress! 

Clearly, we are NOT taking the car anywhere this week.
Despite my nearly empty fridge.  
Thank goodness for corner stores and the butchers across the street! 

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