jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

The Best Tacos in Saltillo

Whenever we have a big day downtown (like the other day), we stop for tacos at Saltillo´s best taquería.  Actually, the other day I gave Clara a choice between pizza and tacos, thinking that pizza would win her vote.  To my surprise, she enthusiastically requested tacos. 

The taco wheel!

Apparently, tacos can vary with regions, so our first year or two here, we were pretty disappointed in Saltillo´s taco selection.  Mario, being from Mexico City, prefers tacos de pastor, and whenever we´d actually find tacos de pastor here, we´d invariably be disappointed.  Not being a conniseur, I don´t know exactly what makes tacos de pastor tacos de pastor, but there was just something not quite right about those we tried. 

I don´t know why it took us so long, but on some jaunt downtown, we stumbled upon El Pastor, which, as the name would suggest, serves the best tacos de pastor in the city.  Why it took us so long to find this is a mystery to me, as it´s just not possible to be more centrally located (on Aldama, almost on the corner of Allende, on the same square as the market).  This original location is invariably crowded, and as I´m usually toting a double stroller, there simply is no space for a double stroller in there, even folded up--ever.  Fortunately for me, there are a number of franchises within the same block, which boast much larger dining areas (double strollers welcome), and have broader menus (some days I feel like skipping tacos and just drinking a liter or two of strawberry water--refreshing and sweet and not available at the original location).  This franchise is about two storefronts down from Aldama, walking towards the market.  There is a lot of orange in that restaurant.  

The day we were exploring downtown, much of the city decided that they also had a taco craving.   There was no room to sit, even at the massive orange franchise.  So we ordered our tacos to go from the original, and pulled up a bench on Calle Pedro Flores, the pedestrian street on the south side of Aldama.   

For being an afterthought, it turned out to be the best picnic ever!

This kid can now put away almost a full order of tacos!  A full order is 5, her current record is 4. 

All dressed up with onions, salsa, and lime juice.  Como Dios mandó.

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Anónimo dijo...

Wow! thank you for your support and we feel really glad to just have read this! you should go to the restaurant in Av pedro Figueroa it's close to San Patricio Plus, actually it's outside, so you can go and try all the menu, we have a different and still the same menu, but in this case you can go and taste them with a beer, and eat a real steak, sea food, or some mexican cuisine! hope you can go and enjoy it!

Jill dijo...

Mmmm--sounds good! I´ll try it sometime!