viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Jill vs Typhoid--I think I Won!

Yep, I´m still here.  Things are finally starting to feel like normal. 

I´ve been sidetracked for a few months, thanks to a bout of typhoid. 

That sounds more dramatic than it was.  But now that I´m officially recovered, I am realizing that it really did knock me for a loop for quite awhile.  Kind of like my pregnancy with Joey. 

Actually, yeah, it was a lot like that.  And I described my symptoms to one of my friends who was CONVINCED that I was pregnant.  It would have made sense.  Fatigue, dizziness.

But nope, definetly NOT pregnant. 

Not long after my last post, I was attempting to get our Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, but I had to lay down every 10 minutes or so because I was so dizzy.  Finally, I gave up and let Mario do it, coaching him from the couch.

I spent the better part of those two weeks in bed, not feeling terrible, just very, very dizzy when I tried to do anything vertically.  Then the symptoms went away and I didn´t think about it anymore. 

However, as we were driving home from Indiana to Saltillo, the dizziness happened again (resulting in mild carsickness for two days straight).  Furthermore,  I added insomnia, a lack of appetite, and losing weight to my list of drama and I decided that it was high time that I found a doctor. 

It turns out that insomnia is not a symptom of typhoid, so I´m not sure what that was all about.  But when I listed all my other symptoms, my new doctor immediately diagnosed me with typhoid.  OK, she did wait for my bloodwork to come back to officially diagnose me with typhoid (and write me a prescription for antibiotics), but she knew immediately. 

Apparently, typhoid has a tendency to come back, so I had to get even more blood drawn this week to confirm that I really, really got rid of it. 

Yep, I´m good. 

And, if anyone in Saltillo needs bloodwork done, I highly recommend the lab, Centro Medico de Saltillo, located right across from the University Hospital/University Nursing School on Calzada Francisco I. Madero #1236-2.  I´ve gone there a number of times, I believe there is only the one doctor in the lab, and she has the magic touch for drawing blood.  Often I don´t even feel the needle prick. 

And that´s something--I am terrified of needles!  Seriously, go there.  She´s great.


So I´m almost back to business (just as soon as I shake Monster Cold). 

It seems like we´re just about to shake winter, too!  Things are looking up! 

Take that, you suckers up north with record snow this winter!  Come visit me! 

And just to add one more exclamation mark, I think I´ll go to bed!!!!  (OK, 4 more.)


My apologies for turning into a crochety old lady and describing my every ache and pain, but that´s where I´ve been, and I had to start SOMEWHERE to get back on this blogging horse!  

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