jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

Dried Up

Every now and again, Patty takes a shower and jumps out halfway through to let me know that there´s no more water.  I don´t know how it always happens to her that she´s the one in the shower when we run out.  Glad it´s not me, though! 
Normally, it´s not a problem.  I just head out to the street, flip the switch by our water meter and the water flows again. 

Unfortunately, last Friday, things didn´t work so smoothly.

I flipped the switch and nothing happened. Oh, dear.   
 Our cistern below the garage was full, so I just turned on the pump, and that sent the water to the tinacos on top of the roof, which then sent water to the boiler and then to the shower.  In reality, it took a good deal less time for all that to happen that it did to write that sentence. 
However, we still haven´t gotten water from the city since sometime before last Friday. 

The cistern is now empty.  The smaller tinaco still has some water in it, but I´m guessing it´s going to give out sometime today. 

I´ve been calling the water company every day and every day they promise that someone will come. 

No dice on that front until today when I started to get clearly irritated with the woman fielding the complaint calls.  I let her know that I haven´t had a shower in three days.  They did send a group over this morning to change the valves on the meter, letting us know that the valves weren´t actually the problem, but that a different crew will have to dig up the sidewalk to see what´s blocking the pipes. 

We knew that already, as Mario cleaned the meter this weekend.

Second crew hasn´t shown up yet.

And it is now past my two o´clock deadline to let Mario know that they haven´t come, so he can call for a water truck to hopefully come today and fill our cistern. 

And the water company had the nerve to send us our February bill yesterday, after they had repeatedly ignored my calls, pleading for any kind of service. 

In return, if I can´t take a shower tonight or flush my poop, I might just have to stay in a hotel tonight and send Aguas de Saltillo the bill.  You bet it will be a nice hotel.  ;)

Oh, my inner drama queen!

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