martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

NOT coming to a store near you!

For the first time in years, I finally bought a new pair of tennis shoes. They were desperately needed, as the pair I'm retiring was nicked from LMC's lost and found. That was two years ago. My toes were poking through the mesh in the sides.

But shoes are really expensive in Mexico and usually not great quality. Therefore, I was waiting for Mario to be sent to Portland for work and he'd pick me up a pair while he was there. Unfortunately, that trip got cancelled, thanks to the economy. My next plan was to have my parents bring me a pair when they came to visit. However, thanks to the swine flu, that trip was also cancelled. I was about to suggest a weekend visit to Texas when I saw a pair downtown that looked decent and were only $300 (pesos, that is--a bit less than 30USD).

Therefore, on Friday I trotted myself downtown and 30 minutes later triumphiantly returned home with my new pair of tenis. They're made-in-Mexico Pumas knockoffs. The brand name is the letter H, which they proceed to spell out phonetically on the label posted on the tongue of the shoe. In Spanish H is pronounced Ah-CHAY. However, it's not written like that in Spanish. It's written more like this:

Yes, my shoes are Aches. I did not notice this for a full 24 hours. (My husband, who is not a native English speaker, noticed it right away . . . go figure.)

I don't think this brand will succeed in the US market. Good thing they're not trying.

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