martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

Tree Hugger Alert: Huggies DO Have an Upside!

I have always hated disposable paper products. Everytime I use a paper towel, it feels like such a waste. I think of the tree that died to make my paper towel, all the water and energy used it its creation, the landfill my towel will sit in for years and years . . . are they really worth the little convenience they afford? When I was finally old enough to have my own house, I invested in plenty of towels and cloth napkins. Ah . . . my overactive environmental conscience was finally at peace.

Then I married a man with an addiction to paper napkins.

However, this same paper napkin addict proceeded to explain to me that his addiction really isn't that unhealthy (yeah, ALL addicts try to convince others that their addictions aren't that serious, right?). However, this addict has worked in Kimberly-Clark and knows what he's talking about. The truth: no trees died in the making of these napkins.


Most paper products made in Mexico (everywhere but the state of Durango, apparently) are made from sugar cane stalks. After the sugar juice is squeezed out of the sugar cane, the leftover canes aren't good for much else, except to make compost, paper towels, toilet paper, and diapers.

Huh. All my years of righteous indignation just got flushed down the toilet (literally, when you think of toilet paper).

So while Little Girl's bottom is usually covered in cloth diapers, I am no longer guilt-riddled when she's occasionally slapped into Huggies for an evening. Thanks for recycling at the industrial level, Kimberly-Clark!

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