lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

I'm Engaged!

Yeah, I know you're thinking, "ummm . . . I thought you were married?"

True story.

But Mario proposed again last night. And I accepted.

A few weeks ago, my wedding ring fell out of the pocket of my pants. As my engagement ring nearly constantly accompanies my wedding ring, I checked my pockets to find it, so it wouldn't wind up lost on the bathroom floor. No luck. Where on earth was my engagement ring?

I spent my free moments in that week before I left for chilangolandia looking for the ring, without success. In a few instances, I thought, "what if Mario stole it to take it to a jewler and finally get the pearl replaced?"

Instead of a diamond, I had a pearl, but the pearl fell off when we visited the Monarch butterfly sanctuary in March of 2008, never to be found again.

Nah, Mario's not near romantic enough to do that. When he gave me the ring in the first place, instead of a thoughful, gushy speech which ended in "would you marry me?" Mario shoved the ring box at me and asked, "Do you still want this?"

Charming. Obviously, it would never cross Mario's mind to take my ring without my knowledge and replace the pearl. Let's be realistic and love the man you've got, Jill. Quirks included.

So I left for my month in Morelos, ring free. At least if I got mugged in Mexico City I wouldn't have to worry about them taking the rings.

Last night when we got home, Mario noticed my wedding ring on the dresser by itself, and asked, "so did you ever find your engagment ring?"

"No," I replied. "And I can't imagine where it would be either. After all, I never have it without the wedding ring . . . "

While I was saying this, Mario reached into the drawer in his bedside table, pulled out a ring box, pulled back the lid to reveal my ring with a new pearl, and asked, "Do you still want to marry me?"

Awww . . . of course I do!

Just shows that I still don't have him completely figured out. What a relief that is.

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Rebecca dijo...

This made me smile. How sweet! Glad you accepeted again, would have been akward if you said no ;)

thedeporteeswife dijo...

Yeah for husbands getting it right!:)

Anónimo dijo...

congrats! :) where's the honeymoon? hehe that was very sweet of your hubby! cute post!

amber in charlotte,nc

Megan dijo...

Go Mario! Awesome story! And I love the line, "Love the man you've got." So true. It is easy to get stuck focusing on the negatives and forgetting all the wonderful qualities our husbands have.