lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Sillas Morelenses

Maybe they're not just a Morelos thing.
Maybe they're just a hot-weather-place thing.

Whatever they are, I see them everywhere!

It's the circle chair!

Two iron rebar circles + 4 rebar legs + a wicked amount of vinyl rope = one very comfortable chair. It appears that everybody and their brother has at least one of these on their porch, patio, sidewalk . . . anywhere there is enough space. After all, these hot-weather states are great for sitting around for hours in a comfortable chair.

One of my friends was really excited about getting one of these beauties upon moving to Cuernavaca. However, I believe it took her roughly 6 months to find a place that sells them. How is this possible? If everyone has one, why are they nowhere to be found? Note: I've seen them sold on the side of the highway. However, as my friend is without car, stopping a bus to buy a bulky chair off the back of a truck is highly improbable. Back to Mexican Rule #1: make things as difficult as possible.

(Another note: this is not a cynical observation. Once Rule #1 is embraced, life in Mexico loses much of its frustration. For less heartburn, embrace Rule #1.)

But, back to the circle chair. My inlaws are blessed with a variety of them, and Clara has been generous enough to model to other prototypes--the baby cirle and the rocker.

4 comentarios :

Megan dijo...

That is so cute! Clara looks so grown up!

Anónimo dijo...

Those sillas are so cute! I wonder if my fiance has seen those around...they definitely don't have them at his house...maybe i could win some brownie points with the future suegra if i grab one on the way in next trip... lol :)

Amber H from Charlotte, NC

Rebecca dijo...

Those are really cute! I have never seen one before.

Karen dijo...

En Tuxtepec they sell them on the roadsides too. Although much of Oaxaca is cool, Tuxtepec is not. Maybe it is a tropical chair. Here near DF all I see are wooden chairs and those awful plastic ones that they use for all the pachangas.