lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Ode to Morelos

I really do love this state. It drives me crazy sometimes, but it feels comfortable, like an old, holey sock that I just can't bear to throw away. OK, so sometimes it's comfortable and sometimes it's not.

But whenever we came here when we lived in the state of Mexico, I knew without the help of any roadside sign when exactly we had passed into Morelos. The state of Mexico reminds me of waves of grain (behind a mountanous background). On the drive, we briefly pass through Guerrero, which is on the verge of desert. Upon crossing Morelos, the vegetation explodes. Plants run amok here, refusing to be fenced in. It´s not the neatest or most orderly scene, espeially given how many Mexicans I know are fanatical about clipping grass back to the bare ground, trimming bushes to painful works of topiary art, sweeping fallen leaves off of patches of bare dirt, and daily washing sidewalks with soap and water. Morelenses are fanatical about cutting back their plants because otherwise the plants would take over! Here cutting back plants is a matter of survival.

Being here these last two weeks, I've been dreaming up some catchy slogans for the state.
  • Morelos: the recovering alcholic's worst nightmare. Micheladas (1L beer + salsa + lime juice) are sold on every roadside.
  • Morelos: birthplace of the speed bump. I seriously pass a good fifty during my 40 minute commute between Jojutla and Miacatlan.
  • Morelos: watch your head--falling fruit!
  • Morelos: where cows have the right of way on state highways.
  • Morelos: where candles melt BEFORE they have the chance to be lit!
  • Morelos: Mexico City´s swimming pool. (Let´s face it, chilangos really do quadruple the population of the state every weekend . . . or maybe that´s just my perspective, as I live with a chilango.)

I'll add more as I remember more. Anybody else have any others?

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Leah Flinn dijo...

And here I thought it was just in Veracruz where nature seemed to take over all man-made structures! It's amazing how wild vegetation gets.