lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

And I Attacked It

It seems that about twice a year, Clara and I are out and about early enough in the day, with change in my pocket and no plans for lunch, that there are still rotisserie chickens for sale at the chicken store down the street, on our way back from downtown. Because who wants to carry an entire perfectly warm, roasted chicken all the way downtown and back--without eating it? Or is that even possible?

Not in my case.

As soon as Clara and I got home (and it became apparent that Clara did not want to take a nap immediately), we sat down and dug into that bird. Rather, I sat down and dug into the bird--Clara is still on her vegetarian kick.

And boy, did I dig in! I began with a knife and fork to cut some meat into dainty bites for Clara. When I realized she was not at all interested, I ditched the knife and fork, and forceably ripped off that poor chicken's left leg with my bare hands. Warm, seasoned, juicy, and salty . . . I couldn't get enough, so ripped off the left wing, devouring it. After that, I dug around with my bare hands, searching for any meat that was easily pulled from the bone--and as it was roasted to prefection, that included just about the entire chicken. That meat came free as easily as walnuts in a windstorm.

Fifteen glorious minutes later, I licked my fingers, realizing that I'd get just as much enjoyment out of the second half of that chicken tomorrow (and maybe Wednesday, too). This is why I only buy one of these twice a year. I can't make it a regular habit to consume half a chicken in one sitting.

While my body and my wallet thank me for my usual restraint, my taste buds were so very happy that today was Rotisserie Chicken Day.

4 comentarios :

Mom dijo...

Thank you for lightening the end of my day. We'll talk tomorrow!

Leah dijo...

My husband is the same way. When I bring home one of those chickens he eats at least half, sometimes the WHOLE thing, minus one piece for me. I'm not a big meat eater, but I enjoy the roasted chicken. :-)

Anónimo dijo...

LOL amusing blog! It reminded me of "the day that shall never be mentioned" A few years ago a friend and I took advantage of a 2x1 chicken special in Cancun. We were starving so after work we picked up 2 chickens and went home and literally attacked the chickens, the room fell silent, bones were flying everywhere and when we finally looked up from the carcasses while we licked our fingers we swore that we wouldn never mention that day LOL

Jill dijo...

Leah and Ashlied--
Thanks! I feel so much better that I'm not the only one who attacks a chicken like that. But that may enable me . . . which could be a bad thing (but they're so good!).