jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

No More Split Personality

My apologies to those of you who this may inconvenience, but half of this blog is going elsewhere.

When I started this, my plan was to keep my friends and family posted about my life in Mexico and Clara's growth. Or just to share things that I found interesting, be them my family, Mexico, or whatever.

However, I've had a lot more fun writing about Mexico than I originally intended. So sometimes I feel like this had turned more into a Mexico-blog than a Mommy-blog. This means that I sometimes feel that I need to apologize when I want to write glowing reports of Clara's latest accomplishments.

Therefore, Clara now has her own page. It's called Clara's Page. Original, isn't it? www.xanaidah.blogspot.com

I'll just be trying this out for a few months to see if this really does free me up a bit. If it turns out that I really don't like it, I'll move Clara's page back to this one.

But if I do like splitting up these interests, I'll be sticking with it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

2 comentarios :

Megan dijo...

Could you put a link to Clara's page somewhere on the first page of this blog? I know it's on your profile page, but I'm too lazy for all those clicks!

Jill dijo...

Sure thing!