jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

The Real Reason Why SLP Rocks!

As mentioned earlier, normally all we ever do in San Luis Potosi is buy candy. For years, I think Mario thought that's all there was to SLP--Costanzo's candy store (and GM . . . he is Mario, after all).

And Costanzo's really is worth mentioning. They sport old fashioned wooden and glass counters with trays brimming over with an assortment of sweets. Behind the counters, tower stacks upon stacks of cardboard boxes of the freshest gummy candies imaginable. All Mario ever went in there for (before he took me) were their gummy candies--which are excellent. They're really more like jelly candy, and they've ruined me for anything that's traditionally gummy.

However, their second counter is filled with chocolate. I can't say they sold any truffles, but they sport chocolates filled with almost anything imaginable. Mint filled chocolate, Kahlua-filled chocolate, gummy candy filled chocolate, lime cream filled chocolate, fig filled chocolate (we got some of those on a whim . . . however, now that they're all mixed up in the bag I can't figure out which ones those are). I could spend hours just staring at the candy, never making up my mind which to buy.

Mario, fortunately, does not share my indecisiveness. We made out like bandits, and I'll be enjoying these fruits for quite awhile. Once they're gone--bring on the Christmas cookies!

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Nancy dijo...

I am a jelly bean addict and FINALLY my usual dulceria here in Mazatlan had some. So, I bought them several times, happy happy happy.

Then last time, No Hay. Bummer.

But I did find out the name for them at least around here... "frijolitos" Love it! (Little beans)

Jill dijo...

Nancy, I've given up looking for them . . . and probably a good thing, because I'd be in real trouble once I found them. Do they sell candy corn in Mazatlan? I was shocked when I moved north and found candy corn in the supermarket--another bad, bad find! (but oh, so good!)