miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Best. Dinner. Ever.

In our family, we don't do much for the Day of the Dead.

We live to far away to visit any loved ones' graves. As Mario never does it, I have a stinking suspicion that it would freak him out if I were to build an altar for our dearly departed. (However, whenever he kicks the bucket, you can bet that I'll be pulling out all the stops on a super-cool homage to him and other deceased that I've known. Don't worry--it's not ancestor worship. And I'm fairly confident that Clara would then be weirded out. *sigh* They're so alike.)

However, we do go to town with Pan de Muerto and this year I finally invested in some sugar skulls (one for me, one for Clara . . . they're too sweet for Mario).

As Clara was finishing her quesadilla and hot chocolate for dinner before bed, I had planned on suprising her by letting her know that we could eat some of the sugar skulls that had been on the table in the hallway for the last week. She was vaguely interested in them when I set them out last Friday. But tonight, surprise of surprises, she was adamantly against eating them. I tried to get a picture of her holding them--no dice. She wouldn't touch them. This is the same kid who has been talking about candy as soon as she wakes up every day since Halloween.

I did leave them sitting on top of the bread box, staring at her while she sipped the last dregs of her chocolate. She talked about them.

But then she decided, "yeah, I'm done. Let's go brush my teeth."


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